In the last forty years, humanity has quickly gained it's place amongst the stars...but not without consequence. The Ursan War of 2072, brought humanity to it's knees and in one quick strike, nearly saw to the complete annihilation of the human race, as Old Earth was razed, every life form on its surface eradicated. Yet, it was by luck and miracle, did humanity and it's allies push back the Ursans and they survived.

Fifteen years later, the Ursans and Sekans once again, try to finish what they started, only to end up defeated once more. This time they faced a more powerful coalition and a being that could even rival their god-like powers: G'Char.

Now, it is the Standard Old Earth Year 2093. The Coalition Alliance is slowly gaining stead as a large interstellar nation. Humanity is slowly rebuilding, determined to not fall prey again. Captain Alexei Nikoli can finally take command of his new vessel, a Gauntlet-class Battleship: CAD Valhalla 1GB-2093.

Of course, though one may be encompassed in light, their shall always be a shade of darkness...

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